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Substrate: Terrazzo
Environment: Indoor Retail

In an indoor environment where retail and residential tenants needed to be appeased proved to be difficult for traditional methods of removing terrazzo flooring to its original concrete slab. With the project being directly on top of the anchor tenant, the original thought was to complete the project (original method) during off hours, however due to the amount of residential tenants in the area the loud noise a night shift was not possible. Further to complicate matters, the traditional method of removing the floor had already taken two weeks and had very little success.


At that point Lutec was called in and a project that still was expected to take two more weeks was done in a few days. The noise level was drastically reduced on the project as was the dust and debris. There was an original concern by on site engineers about using an industrial machine in an indoor environment, however upon testing the engineers were in disbelief on the low (non existent) emissions from our Comicat CM 140 and the project was green lighted. Ultimately, the client was thrilled as the project was completed quicker than expected and to the satisfaction of its tenants.

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