Peel Waste Facility, Brampton

Substrate: Concrete

Environment: Indoor Industrial

This facility provides a critical service to the residents of the Peel Region. With that in mind, the project had been delayed for four (4) years as prior to Lutec’s arrival in North America there was not an alternative or option that could meet the clients requirement of having zero down time in the facility.

Part of the challenge was that the facility had a concrete substrate of 6,000 psi with additional reinforcement. Further complicating matters were additional jobsite conditions including a substrate and indoor environment that offered further challenges. Nonetheless, the call was made to Lutec, and we were ready for the challenge.

We arrived on site on a Friday afternoon when the shift work had ended for the week, we then proceeded to successful mill four thousand square feet (4,000 sq.ft) of concrete on Friday evening. The site was cleaned and prepared and Saturday morning the manufacturer of an epoxy and the installation contractor could get to work. The project was completed and the required thirty six (36) hours of cure time for the epoxy prior to shift commencement on Monday morning was met.

Lutec proved to be on the only company in the marketplace that could successfully meet and exceed the projects demands.