777 Bay Street, Toronto, On

Substrate: Marble Flooring

Environment: Indoor Retail/Residential

(part of the Toronto PATH network)

One of the busiest areas of Toronto, within a short walk of the busiest (2018) Subway Line ( #1 Yonge-University) we were tasked with taking the flooring system down to it original concrete slab, however due to the high volume of foot traffic and retail concerns, the project had to be done in the evening and the floor needed to be in the proper condition by 6:00AM to handle the daily foot traffic.

Though working at night also required that the project be conducted with as little noise as possible as there were concerns of upsetting the residential tenants in the area. None of these “obstacles” proved to be too difficult for Lutec, as our ability to complete the project in a timely, clean and without creating noise pollution was to the greatest satisfaction of our client. In no way was the daily routine compromised nor was there any issues with the residential tenants.